A Children's book about sweeteners.


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The Sugar Museum is dedicated to the investigation of sugar to promote awareness, understanding, and creativity. It serves its audience through the collection, exploration, presentation and interpretation of works of art relating to historical and contemporary issues of sugar.


We are an educational institution devoted to the advancement of knowledge about how sugar is utilized, perceived and consumed.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit museum with tax exempt status. Our board of directors consists of artists.


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100% of profits will go to purchasing books for teachers.


Kalea & Her Sweet Tooth complements the Mini Mobile Museum of Sugar, a mobile cart traveling the streets in San Diego. This project includes 18 trading cards of the main sweeteners, sweetener tastings, and performances including hand puppets of each sweetener character.


One morning, a young Hawaiian girl Kalea paddles out to surf and comes back with a challenge to resist eating sugar for a whole week. Sucrose, Stevia, Aspartame and other sweetener creatures visit Kalea and spark her curiosity about the heath effects and environmental impact of sweeteners. Kalea struggles with temptation when she smells chocolate chip cookies in the oven at her friend’s house. Does she complete her goal of seven days without sugar?